Enclosures and Cable Routing refers to the organization and management of cables within a structured system, ensuring proper placement, protection, and routing for efficient and safe functioning. These products meet specifications for different needs, protecting against electrical shocks, fires, and other dangers. Junction boxes, conduit, and cable support products are used to protect and support electrical wiring and components. They can be mounted on walls or ceilings to connect wires and devices safely. Conduit is a tube or pipe that protects and routes electric wiring in buildings. Conduit fittings and connectors are used to connect conduit pieces or conduit to an electrical box. Cable ties, clips, clamps, and J-hooks secure conduit to surfaces. Cable raceways, wiring duct, cable troughs, and cable tray ladders are other products that help manage wires and cables. Strut is a metal channel that supports and protects electrical cables.