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Our mission is to provide distributors with the industry's largest product portfolio, the fastest access to inventory availability, and the most experienced technical sales support. We believe that by offering a wide range of products beyond wire and cable, from the best suppliers in the industry, along with exceptional support and fast access to inventory, we can help our distributors succeed in today's competitive marketplace.

XpressConnect Supply is the Next Evolution

XpressConnect, formerly WireExpress, was created in 1988 to help distributors grow their sales by being able to quote more often and write more sales orders with more lines through additional access to brands, inventory, and pricing. Since 1988, the WireExpress brand was synonymous with wire and cable, service, and quality. As a redistributor, we are committed to continuously evolving and enhancing our services, solutions, and product portfolio to better meet the needs of our customers.

Our new brand identity represents our commitment to innovation, partnerships, and customer service. It embodies our dedication to being a reliable and trusted partner for distributors to create a more efficient supply chain.

Experience the XpressConnect Difference

With $2 billion of inventory from over 500 manufacturers, we’ve got you covered. As a redistributor, we never sell to your customers (we ONLY sell to other Distributors). We help you sell more by listening to your needs, developing solutions, and providing quality products and services. No other redistributor in our industry offers a more comprehensive inventory, and with our network of 40-plus warehouses across the United States and Canada, most products are just a day or two away from you or your customer. With more products to sell, you’ll have more sales opportunities.

You need it? We got it.

Connect with us to discover the XpressConnect Supply difference.

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