Fiber Optics and FTTx

Robust Fiber Optics and FTTx Solutions for Distributors

When a building, campus, or other large geographic area needs reliable, high-bandwidth transmission, they turn to fiber optic cabling. Distributors who serve these markets need to be able to deliver the field-terminated and pre-terminated optical fiber and associated hardware that makes up a structured cabling system.

Distribution Solutions for Fiber Optics Projects

Having a partner you can rely on for wholesale distribution is the best way to ensure that you have what you need when you need it to deliver for your customers. By working with XpressConnect Supply, you’ll get access to solutions to common challenges like geographic restrictions, long lead times, and high minimum order quantities.

Connect With a Distributor You Can Count On

As a master distributor of fiber optic products, XpressConnect Supply is committed to providing distributors with the best possible experience. With the industry's largest product portfolio and fastest access to inventory, we can provide distributors with the support they need to increase their sales and profitability.

Our experienced technical sales team is always available to help distributors find the right products for their customers, and our competitive pricing ensures that our distributors can offer their customers the best possible value. Whether you're looking to expand your product offering or improve your sales efficiency, XpressConnect Supply is here to help you succeed.

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